Money Rules - Automate your smart money habits

Money Rules are creative and effortless ways to move, manage and save your money without even thinking about it. You can set up a Money Rule to move some money to your Savings Account with every purchase you make on a spending habit like coffee. Or top up your Account when the balance dips below a certain amount. Little decisions that take care of themselves.

Set them the way you want them
Customize your Money Rules: Choose when, how much and where your money moves. You can have as many as 10 Money Rules at a time.

Here’s a play-by-play on creating your Money Rules

Screenshot of Money Rules

Getting started is simple

To get started, when you’re logged in, go to ‘Money Rules’ near the top of the screen and then choose which one you’d like to explore to help you move, manage and save your money.

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Legal Stuff
*Money Management tool illustrations are for demonstration purposes only and should not be relied upon as financial or other advice.