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Home Equity Line of Credit

With a Tangerine Home Equity Line of Credit, you can borrow at a great low interest rate using your equity you’ve built in your home, if you’ve built up at least 35% equity. Our optional Fixed Payback Plan can help you pay your Loan back faster.
Interest rate
  Fixed Payback Plan
  24/7 online access

Key Features

24/7 online access
Withdraw funds, make payments and completely pay off your Loan at any time.
Great rate
Get a great interest rate (Tangerine Prime - 0.10%) with low, interest-only minimum payments every month. Annual interest calculated semi-annually not in advance.
Fixed Payback Plan
You can choose to set up regular fixed payments to help you pay off the principal amount of the Loan faster.
Safe and secure
We take your security seriously. Your Home Equity Line of Credit comes with our industry-leading Security Guarantee.

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All Mortgage and Home Equity Line of Credit applications are subject to meeting Tangerine Bank’s standard credit criteria, residential mortgage standards and maximum permitted loan amounts. Conditions may apply. Interest rates are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change at any time without notice. Variable interest rates will change as Tangerine Prime changes. The Home Equity Line of Credit interest rate is a variable rate per year equal to Tangerine Prime plus an adjustment factor and will change automatically when Tangerine Prime changes.