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Tangerine Business Savings Account Interest Offer Terms and Conditions


1. The Tangerine Bank (the “Bank”) Business Savings Account Interest Offer of [[PR]] (the “Offer”) is available to existing business Clients with an unrestricted Business Savings Account described in Section 3 below, who (1) receive a communication about the Offer directly from the Bank (2) “Activate” (as defined in Section 4 below) the Offer by [[AUD]] and (3) receive a Confirmation in their online Inbox that the Offer has been successfully Activated (“Eligible Clients”).

2. The Offer is only available to Eligible Clients between [[CSD]] and [[CED]] (the “Offer Period”).

3. The Offer is applicable to existing Tangerine Business Savings Accounts and new Tangerine Business Savings Accounts opened by Eligible Clients during the Offer Period (“Applicable Accounts”). The Offer is not applicable to any other Accounts, including (but not limited to) Tangerine US$ Business Savings Accounts, Tangerine Business GIC Accounts, and Tangerine US$ Business GIC Accounts or any Tangerine Personal Savings Accounts.

4. To “Activate” the Offer, the Client needs to perform one of the following actions by [[AUD]]:

a. Click the ‘Activate’ button in the Offer email that the Client has received directly from the Bank; or

b. Click the ‘Activate’ button on Tangerine’s website once the Client has logged in; or

c. Verbally accept the Offer during a conversation with a Tangerine Contact Centre Associate

5. “Promotional Interest” is the interest earned on Eligible Deposits made to Applicable Accounts each day during the Offer Period. “Eligible Deposits” for any day during the Offer Period is the excess of (i) the sum of the end-of-day balances in all Applicable Accounts (excluding Promotional Interest) over (ii) the sum of the end-of-day balances in all Applicable Accounts as at [[SBD]], to a maximum of [[MB]] subject to the exclusions in Section 9 below.

6. All balances in Applicable Accounts that don’t qualify as Eligible Deposits will earn the Bank’s applicable posted rate of interest listed on the Bank’s website (the “Posted Rate”).

Promotional Interest

7. A Promotional Interest rate of [[PR]] will apply to Eligible Deposits under this Offer. Eligible Clients will receive Promotional Interest in two separate interest payments – (1) interest calculated at the Posted Rate, and (2) an additional interest payment that represents the excess of Promotional Interest over Posted Rate interest (“Additional Interest”). Promotional Interest equals the sum of Posted Rate interest and Additional Interest. Payment of Additional Interest will be made to the Applicable Account at the start of the month following the month in which it was calculated. The Posted Rate may change at any time without prior notice, resulting in a corresponding change to Additional Interest so that the Promotional Interest rate remains unchanged. Notwithstanding the above, the Bank may change the Promotional Interest rate at any time without prior notice.

8. The Promotional Interest rate is an annualized rate, and, subject to the limits and qualifications outlined in these Terms and Conditions, Promotional Interest will be calculated daily during the Offer Period and paid monthly. The following transactions are examples of what will qualify as Eligible Deposits for which Promotional Interest will apply:

a. Money transferred from another financial institution, including the Eligible Client’s linked account, to an Applicable Account.

b. Cheques from another financial institution deposited to an Applicable Account.


9. Notwithstanding the above, the following are examples of the types of transfers between Tangerine Accounts that won’t qualify as Eligible Deposits and therefore won’t earn Promotional Interest:

a. Money transferred from an Applicable Account to another Applicable Account.

b. Money transferred from a Tangerine Business GIC Account to any Applicable Account.

c. Money transferred from a Tangerine Business US$ Account to any Applicable Account.

d. Money transferred from a Tangerine Personal Account to any Applicable Account.

10. After the Offer Period ends, all balances will earn interest at the Posted Rate payable on the Applicable Account.


11. This Offer is non-transferable and is only available to Eligible Clients.

12. This Offer can’t be combined with other promotional rate offers.


12. The Bank reserves the right at its absolute discretion to vary, delete or add to any of these Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice. In the event of conflict, these Terms and Conditions will prevail over any of the contents of any brochure, promotional materials or statements, or any other communication regarding this Offer, whether written or oral from the Bank, except where otherwise stated.

13. The Bank reserves the right at its sole discretion, without advance notice, to extend, suspend, terminate, or otherwise modify the Offer, in whole or in part or for select Clients, for any reason or if the Offer can't run as planned including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes beyond the reasonable control of the Bank which corrupt or affect the administration, security or proper conduct of this Offer.

14. The Bank reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend, disqualify, limit or revoke this Offer for any person it finds or believes to be manipulating or otherwise abusing the process, fairness, or integrity of the Offer or who otherwise is deemed ineligible.

15. By accepting this Offer, you agree that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them. Any notice with respect to this Offer is deemed to be provided on the day it is posted on our website.