How to Travel Without a Big Credit Card Bill at the End
Written by Octavia Ramirez

Thursday, June 7th, 2018

Enhanced financial technology, new online platforms, and mobile apps have made it possible to travel the world without incurring any credit card debt. Here's how you can avoid coming home from the trip of a lifetime to a credit card bill of a lifetime…

Book Everything Online and Immediately Pay It Off

Flights, hotels, and other accommodations usually come with the heftiest price tag. If not approached or managed correctly, these expenses can cause you to rack up huge debt on your credit card, and get dinged with lofty interest charges if the debt carries over.

Avoid this by pricing out exactly how much your flights and accommodations of choice will be, and save up that cost before you book. When you make the purchase on your credit card, pay off the balance in full before the payment due date.

Consider Car Shares Instead of Traditional Rental Cars

Car share companies like Turo and Maven can be great alternatives to traditional car rentals. These platforms allow you to book local individuals' cars through a mobile app using your credit card. Payment is due in full at the time of booking, which is helpful when budgeting and saving for the transportation costs of your trip.

For those who prefer to be driven around once they arrive at their destination, rideshare apps are available in most major cities across the globe. Avoid the difficulty of having to navigate or negotiate fluctuating cab fares in foreign countries. With car sharing apps, input your destination yourself, and the cost is regulated and clearly listed on the app, removing the anxiety of getting lost in translation.

Cash as an Alternative for Food and Entertainment

Depending on the country, paying for food and entertainment with a credit or debit card may be difficult, particularly with street food vendors. Carry only as much cash as you'll need for that day, leaving the rest in a secure place or safe at your hotel.

For meals or entertainment where you end up using your credit card, make sure you don't forget about the charges when you get home. If you can pay charges off through online banking while you're there, go for it.

Many people consider travel to be one of the most enjoyable ways to spend their money. When paid in full, without any lingering debt whatsoever, seeing the world becomes that much more amazing.

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