Personal Loan

Set the stage for your Loan repayment and don’t sweat big expenses you need to cover. With a Tangerine Personal Loan, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting a great rate and a repayment schedule that makes your Loan manageable.

Interest rate

- * APR


1 - 5 years *

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Key features

Borrow for a set period of time
Choose how long you need to repay the Loan, and borrow comfortably with an end in sight.
Affordable payments on a fixed schedule
With a wide range of repayment periods to choose from, you can land on a monthly payment amount that's comfortable for you.
Great fixed rates
Our rates are based on your credit information and the term you select to repay the Loan. The rate for your Loan will stay the same for the term you choose.
Stress-free application
Applying is quick and easy, and once approved you’ll have instant access to your funds.
No fees
There are no early prepayment penalties.

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*The annual rate/APR for your Loan will be based on your creditworthiness and the Loan term you apply for. Your personalized rate/APR will be displayed to you at the start of your application. As part of the Loan application process, applicants must submit to a credit check and be approved for the Loan per Tangerine's standard unsecured lending credit criteria and maximum permitted Loan amounts. Posted rates are subject to change without notice.