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Need an extra bump to help you reach your maximum RSP contribution? Our flexible RSP Loan offers a great rate with no fees or service charges and no penalties for early repayment.

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Flexible repayment

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Key Features

Great rate
You’ll receive one of the best rates in the market of since . This rate of is available on Loans where proceeds are contributed to a Tangerine RSP Account. If Loan proceeds are used to contribute to an RSP somewhere else, a standard unsecured rate of 8.75% apply.
Flexible repayment
Choose either a 9 or 12 month Loan repayment term.
No fees, no service charges
Pay off your Loan instead of just paying off the interest. There are no early repayment penalties.
Quick approval
Get a response within 24 hours of your application.

RSP Loan Calculator

Calculate your RSP Loan payments. You can choose to repay your Loan in 12 payments over 1 year or, if you prefer, wait 3 months and repay the Loan in full over the following 9 months.
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footnote *Estimator tool is for demonstration purposes only and should not be relied upon as financial or other advice. Calculations are estimates only based on an annual interest rate of .

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**This rate is an annual rate and is subject to change without notice and is current as of today's date.