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Tangerine New Client Savings Offer Terms and Conditions

General Terms

1. The Tangerine Bank (the “Bank”) New Client [[PR]] Interest Rate Offer (the "Offer") is available to new Tangerine Clients:

a. whose Client Number (as defined below) with the Bank was created between [[CSD]] and [[CED]] (the “Offer Period”); and

b. who open an Eligible Savings Account (as defined below) within 60 days of the date their Client Number was created.

A “Client Number” is created when a new Client submits his/her personal information (including, but not limited to, name, mailing address and email address) to Tangerine as part of the Account opening process and is assigned a unique identification number.

2. The Offer is only applicable to Accounts where the new Client is the person whose name appears first on the Bank statement (the “Primary Account Holder”). For Accounts where the new Client is not the Primary Account Holder (Example: the new Client is not the Primary Account Holder on a joint Account and is listed second on the statement for that Account), the Offer will not be applied to that particular Account.

3. In addition to these Offer Terms and Conditions, all terms and conditions associated with any Eligible Savings Accounts will continue to apply.

Promotional Savings Rate Conditions

4. Subject to the satisfaction of the Qualifying Conditions, a [[PR]] promotional interest rate (the “Promotional Rate”) will apply to deposits made to the Eligible Savings Account(s) for 153 days (5 months) beginning on the date all Qualifying Conditions have been met (the "Promotion Period"), to a maximum of $1,000,000 (in the currency of the Eligible Savings Account) per Eligible Savings Account Type (as defined below), subject to the imposed CRA limits on any registered Accounts if applicable.

5. The Promotional Rate is only applicable to deposits made during the Promotion Period to Tangerine Savings Accounts, Tangerine Tax-Free Savings Accounts (“TFSAs”), Tangerine RSP Savings Accounts, Tangerine RIF Savings Accounts and Tangerine US$ Savings Accounts (collectively referred to as "Eligible Savings Accounts") where the new Client is the Primary Account Holder as described in Section 3 above. Multiple Eligible Savings Accounts of the same type (for example, 3 separate Tax-Free Savings Accounts) are defined as an "Eligible Savings Account Type". The Promotional Rate is not applicable to deposits made to any other account types, including Tangerine Business Savings Accounts, Tangerine US$ Business Savings Accounts, Tangerine Children’s Savings Accounts or Tangerine Chequing Accounts.

6. The Promotional Rate of [[PR]] is an annualized rate and will apply to eligible deposits as outlined in Section 4. Subject to the limits and qualifications outlined in these Terms and Conditions, interest on eligible deposits made during the Promotion Period will be calculated daily at the Promotional Rate (“Promotional Interest”) and paid monthly to Eligible Savings Account(s). New Clients will receive Promotional Interest in two separate  payments: (1) interest calculated at the posted rate of interest listed on the Bank’s website which is subject to change without notice (the “Posted Rate”) is paid at the end of the month in which it was accrued (“Posted Rate Interest”), and (2) interest calculated at a rate that reflects  the difference between the Posted Rate and the Promotional Rate (“Additional Interest Rate”) is paid at the start of the month following the month in which it was calculated (“Additional Interest”). For clarity, the Promotional Rate will always equal the sum of the Posted Rate and the Additional Interest Rate such that if the Posted Rate changes, this will result in a corresponding change to the Additional Interest Rate so that the Promotional Rate remains unchanged. Similarly, Promotional Interest will always equal the sum of the Posted Rate Interest and the Additional Interest. Notwithstanding anything in this Section, the Bank may change the Promotional Rate at any time without prior notice.

7. Any Eligible Savings Account closed prior to the payment of Additional Interest will forfeit any Additional Interest calculated during the month in which the Eligible Savings Account is closed and will only earn Posted Rate Interest for that month.

8. After the Promotion Period ends, all balances in the Eligible Savings Accounts will earn interest at the Posted Rate payable on the Eligible Savings Account. In the event that the combined balances of any given Eligible Savings Account Type are greater than $1,000,000 (in the currency of the Eligible Account), any balances in those Eligible Savings Accounts that are above this maximum will earn interest at the Posted Rate payable on the Eligible Savings Account.

9. Once the new Client's first Eligible Savings Account has qualified for the Promotional Rate, subsequent Eligible Savings Accounts opened by the new Client during the Promotion Period, up to a combined maximum of $1,000,000 (in the currency of the Eligible Savings Account) per Eligible Savings Account Type, will also earn Promotional Interest for the duration of the Promotion Period.

Example: If a new Client opens their first RSP Eligible Savings Account on April 22, 2024 and a subsequent RSP Eligible Savings Account 10 days after opening the first Account, the Promotional Interest will be paid on both Eligible Savings Accounts only until September 22, 2024 (i.e., 153 days from the opening of the first RSP Eligible Savings Account) on balances of up to $1,000,000 (in the currency of the Eligible Account) combined in both RSP Eligible Savings Accounts.

10. In the case of Eligible Savings Accounts where deposits are made by transferring registered funds through a T2033 form, those deposits will earn interest at the Posted Rate payable on the Eligible Savings Account from the time the transfer request is submitted to the Bank and while the funds are in transit. Upon receipt of the transferred funds by the Bank, the Promotional Rate will begin to apply to those funds only for the remainder of the Promotion Period, and provided that the Promotion Period hasn’t already ended when the funds are received.

11. All deposits to TFSAs and RSP Savings Accounts are subject to the limits imposed by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The RSP contribution limit is as noted on the new Client's Notice of Assessment issued by the CRA. The Client is fully responsible for monitoring their individual contribution limits and ensuring any and all deposits fall within these set CRA limits. The Client further agrees to at all times indemnify and hold the Bank harmless in respect of any such penalties or charges imposed upon the Client as a result of these imposed limits.

12. This Offer can’t be combined with other promotional Savings rate offers. Where a new Client qualifies for more than one promotional savings rate offer, the Promotional Rate will be applied to the new Client’s Eligible Savings Account(s) first, to the exclusion of any other promotional
Savings rate offer.


13. This Offer is non-transferable, non-saleable, and may not be exchanged for cash.

14. The Bank reserves the right at its absolute discretion to vary, delete or add to any of these Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice. In the event of conflict, these Terms and Conditions will prevail over any of the contents of any brochure, promotional materials or statements, or any other communication regarding this Offer, whether written or oral from the Bank, except where otherwise stated.

15. The Bank reserves the right at its sole discretion, without advance notice, to extend, suspend, terminate, or otherwise modify the Offer or any Offer, in whole or in part or for select Clients, for any reason or if an Offer can't run as planned including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes beyond the Bank’s reasonable control which corrupt or affect the administration, security or proper conduct of this Offer.

16. The Bank reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend, disqualify, limit or revoke this Offer for any Account holder it finds or believes to be manipulating or otherwise abusing the process, fairness, or integrity of the Offer or who otherwise is deemed ineligible.

17. By accepting this Offer, you agree that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them. Any notice with respect to this Offer is deemed to be provided on the day it is posted on our website.