How Tangerine's New Grad Program is Inspiring the Future Workforce
Written by Annastasia Liu

Thursday, November 5th, 2020

For new graduates, entering the workforce is an exciting rite of passage, but finding the right opportunity to put their skills and knowledge to work can be a challenge.

Tangerine is supporting new graduates along their journey with a new program called Inspire. As part of Talent Incubators for Leaders of Tomorrow (TILT), a collection of programs created for recent graduates at Scotiabank and Tangerine, Inspire is an 18-month rotational program focused on giving graduates in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) a chance to gain invaluable experience at one of Canada's top digital banks.

Inspire is Helping Young Canadians Find a Career Path

For Disha Patel, Campus Recruitment and Program Leader at Tangerine, Inspire has been an exciting way to introduce new grads from undergraduate, MBA and Masters programs to Tangerine. “We want these associates to come in, get exposure to different areas of the bank so once they're done their rotation, they'll have the resources and knowledge they need to find a career path that's right for them," Patel explains.

Three Pillars of Success

From training and development to workshops, courses and certifications, graduates are given several ways to start their careers off on the right path. The Inspire program focuses on three pillars to provide associates with a well-rounded experience:

  • Rotation
  • Mentorship
  • Community

During the 18 months, each participant will complete three 6-month rotations in departments such as IT, Innovations, Product, Data Science, and Analytics. "When we're creating a placement roadmap for each associate," says Patel, “we take into account their current skill set, interests and aspirations as well as what the business lines are looking for so both parties really benefit."

Building connections is just as important as building the graduates' skills, which is why mentorship is an integral part of the program. During each rotation, associates are assigned a different mentor that's there to support them, provide feedback and push them to grow. "Many new grads don't often get the chance to connect with or be mentored by senior leaders right out of school," Patel shares. "And the program helps them get a level of support they may not get elsewhere."

The third pillar of Community goes beyond the Inspire program and connects to the culture at Tangerine and Scotiabank. "Not only do the associates have a sense of community with the rest of their cohort," Patel explains, "they're also a part of the larger Tangerine and Scotiabank community that's big on collaboration and giving back, and opens the door to so many opportunities in the future."

The Future of the Workforce

There's no denying the value this program and the associates bring to Tangerine during their rotations. "These new grads represent the talent of the future workforce in the STEM field," says Patel. "They bring a fresh perspective, new skills and level of curiosity that is valued at Tangerine."

Based on the first cohort that joined Tangerine this year, Patel has great hope for the future of the program and upcoming cohorts. "I definitely see the program growing, and becoming bigger and better, possibly expanding from technology into other business lines," she says. "We just welcomed the second cohort who will begin June 2021 and we're already looking forward to the great things they'll be able to do at Tangerine."

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