What it means to us

At Tangerine, we see the planet a lot like a bank account: you can only withdraw so much from it before it starts to cause harm. In other words, we all need to make sure that what we use doesn't exceed what we save. This is what defines sustainability for us. And it's a subject we take seriously, challenging ourselves to use resources in the most efficient way – including financial, social and environmental resources.

What we're doing

True sustainability requires innovation in all areas. And the best innovations create benefits for everyone. For example, direct banking is an innovation we introduced to Canada. Without typical bank branches, we service over 1.9 million Clients using a fraction of the resources of traditional banks. This makes sense from a business perspective as well as an environmental one. The result for our Clients is that they don't carry the costs of things they don't need – plus the planet doesn't either.

What we promise

We will lead the sustainability challenge by example. We will continuously work on eliminating our environmental footprint. We will share our achievements right here on our website. We will work with our Clients, vendors and employees to look for sustainable lifestyle options and business solutions. And we will strive to educate and inspire Canadians by telling our story.

Through our sustainability efforts, Tangerine will contribute to a thriving planet where people, businesses and the environment all prosper – now and in the future.