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We’re proud to be known as the bank that helps Canadians save their money, and all of the Accounts we offer reflect this. Our simple products, along with award-winning Client service have helped close to 2 million Canadians grow their savings and live better lives. We believe that your money should be able to work as hard as you do, which is why we won’t nickel and dime you with unfair fees, and we have no minimum balances. Banking with us is easy and convenient, with simple tools for your busy lifestyle.

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Mobile Banking

Now you can Save Anywhere™ with your smartphone at tangerine.ca or through our mobile banking app.

Tangerine Cafés

Don't be a stranger. Drop by, make yourself at home and bring your Saver's appetite.

Forward Thinking

Stories, articles and other information on personal finance topics, insights and perspectives from Tangerine, our culture and community work.

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Welcome to Tangerine!

Today is one of the biggest days in our 17-year history. Read more

Where did ING DIRECT go?

ING DIRECT is now Tangerine. All of your questions are answered here